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Tested and tried and discouraged, I dried my cheeks with my head hanging low. I manifested a truth, blessed with courage, i died in defeat, then my corpse began to grow.
Only "I love you" I hear is from my daughter Trapped in a predicament Now I am manifesting Goodbye days I yearned  to be over Goodbye lovely moments that exist
Here I am present, the tiny infats who die, from unfit "Parents".   Here I am the Light, the Savior for the abused, so many children.   Who am I, you ask?
Could you feel me leave; and climb so high to see the world at my feet? Steady storms ashore, but I'm the iris and I just want more   It's in the stars: the treble in my heart will be heard on Mars, for  
Robin Stumpfig                   Rendering the common peace             Striking deep             Saving the light             Forging hope  
See I came down for a purpose. See as I came down I did not hover, I slammed!The ground broke down in a shatter when I landed. See, I came to bring peace to my loved ones and war to my enemies. 
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