Alive. God

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What is a wave, A wave in the sea, What is a wave on the shore?   I am a wave, A wave on the sea, I crash against the shore!   Why am I here, Just to be there,
My faith was in doubt. There was a world I knew nothing about. My sight was in black and white. Insecurities filled my mind, Making me think that I was blind.   People tried and insisted,
I willCarve a new pathThrough what has been given To the fountains that have always existedAlways existing Is A path Straight into the HeavensEyes that can see Through the darkestDepths Ocean devils promising worldPast it all I see a Savior still.
Catalytic fire, Exponentially growing To enlighten us Souls untouched by love, Which expand with rising warmth. We owe you our praise.
Sometimes I feel like Your love is misplaced I don't even deserve the chance to imagine Your face It must be grace Even if I'm disobeying you and acting as the shoelace
I'm lucky to be alive but I know god has plans for me, no matter how mad sad or happy I can be, I took a dive for the worst and if it wasn't for a y'all's prayer, where would I be no one knows where, I am very grateful, and since my overdose I am
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