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Moon-kissed windows, projecting the oblivious melancholic sight of those who shine bright, and time-blessed gravity defyers dancing to a rhythm of lust, like blooming roses in the sun.  
News on Channel Five Spectacled brunettes opine From seven to eight   Flipping sprayed-stiff hair Experts with intelligence And low-cut blouses   Inequality
Why don't I just kill myself? Already you're worrying, letting out a moan And Questioning my mental health As you dial 911, Fearing that I'll soon be a dial tone
I'm not a bumper sticker gal. There's a little something in me that winces at the slogans and the white sticker cut-outs on the rear windows of an SUV. Why anyone would feel the need to advertise
Long locks Cute tops And they call me shallow Rip and cut Till it up And leave the field fallow Flowers wilt Petals fall And a tree becomes hollow Wait and watch Till the weeds pop
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