a bad break up

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the moment i knew i didnt need you you never paid attention  you being the crushing weight on my shoulders like a column from a building and when i finally let go? all hell broke loose
I am from a mundane town that ranks number one in this dignified country for drug overdoses and is not a stranger to mothers raising daughters solo   I am from a meager mind that desperately screams
Skies darken,The cold arrives. Earlier stays; Later goodbyes.Your face stained in my brain... Every feature saved and secured.Your touch burned into my heart...
Brace yourself Welcome help Armor up Enough’s enough Hope for the best Prepare for the worst Those are the words You used to calm me Down by the river Build a bridge
It has always struck me as odd, the idea that “loving you” and “losing you” are only one letter apart. This small difference is proved
I stay awake at night and stare outside the window-      into the void.  My mind turns to you and as I stare into the  nothingness of this starless night, I cannot help but think      now,
should I be angry at you angry because you hardly hugged me because you raised your voice bcause you never posted pictures of me but you do it for her because you made me cry because you pretended to love me
He had haunting light brown eyes,
it all started with a text of baby not good morning as ritual courtesy one acknowledges to a human being i text back saying baby, i'm cooking breakfast my mind wasn't thinking anything at that moment at that time
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