exploring self; questioning

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I've always thought I was straight as an arrow  now I really don't know. I think I could kiss a girl and like it, with nothing in my system though. Nothing interfering, all sober, am I really straight?
You are a vegetable Or so I was told But my first taste was sour, I did not like it I was different "Keep trying," They said, but there has been no change "Did you know a tomato is actually a fruit?"
I question what I'm doing everyday Because it's more stressful than satisfying in most ways Now as far as worth..without a doubt it pays Well, When you can accept how the game plays.
Who am I? I roam the halls, but no one sees me Who am I? I sit behind you, but you don’t know my name Who am I? I’m there, but I’m not Surrounded, but alone. Who am I?
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