teddy bear

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Inspired by Georgia .
Green little Teddy, Got you with his company. I call you Sandy  
Dear Blackberry,   When I first met you, You were bigger than me. A father's first gift to his newborn child. In my earliest memories, you're right there with me: Playing with you,
Hey look, it's my teddy Bear or should i say my care bear When I'm down i hold him near He lets me know there's nothing to fear That's how i know he's always there.   My problems he would love to hear
Coney Island   I just wanna go to Coney Island  I wanna ride the Ferris wheel With our fingers interlocked Gazing into each others' eyes Like they do in the movies
Say hello, say hello To my big orange teddy Say hello, say hello His name is Freddy Some are white Some are blue Some are tie-dye colors I never knew But no not Freddy Not my big teddy
There is this teddy that I own Though his story remains unknown His troubled past But time’s traveled so fast My brother found him alone and weary We washed him and I finally saw him clearly
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