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high in the sky vermillion dye clouds burst into flame chaos uncontained   chase the wind, kiss the sun time forgives the past done rain refuses to touch head
Ragin monstersswarm from the deepto devour,murder.They must be vanquished.   The pretty dronesraise their perfectheads to laughat me.I don’t like them.  
I have been affected. I have been touched. I have been dissected. I have been hushed. I have been affected By the death of those I love. I have been affected by the death you rain from above.
I can’t listen to the buzzing of the flies anymore. No one finds them pleasing, But every time I hear them now,
Gardening, playing soccer, sipping tea It doesn’t matter where you may be, All they see Is a geography dominated by discord A nation racked by civil war A people doomed to hell.
Staring at a screen.
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