teenage years

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I grew up in a small town Where everybody knew my name. When I was young I yearned to live more and spread my wings and fly away from this place Looking back that seems crazy This town has made me who I am
There are many things in life that don’t make sense. Why are we here? What is our purpose? How were we created? I wish I knew.
I imagine Infinity as a dream But then again everything I imagine is a dream   I imagine Infinity as a dream Where he and I are together forever Where nothing and no one can touch Us  
I guess this is growing up, Taking hard courses and making life choices. I guess that is growing up. Learning how to be responsible and eating all the right foods. I guess this is growing up.
The Teenage Years   The ups and the downs. The all around. Nights of joyous cuddling. Nights of pick-up line muddling. Nervous tests and awaiting scores. Bonfires and downright delicious s'mores. Deep thinking and self-discovery.
This is not how I imagined my teenage years to beI remember sitting in my room praying that the years would go bythat I can be fifteen already, I would pray and I would cry
On the trip of life there was a wondering soul, Looking for her purpose was her goal. Long brown hair and curious eyes, She’s very independent, on not many she relies. Trying to see the good in everyone around,
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