Body Shame

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As I stand before the mirror, I stare aimlessly at myself.  I stare at the way my skin molds into the unique shape of my bones, and folds around the tips of my eye lids. 
Ever wonder of how Wendy Darling drew her last breath? You saw the sweet, charming girl gracefully walking in her periwinkle bluse dress. But could you pierce through the walls of darkness of the depression and suicidal mess?
don't flatter yourself darling they never loved you they never even loved the idea of you   they loved the fact that you're both easy and a challenge you're just running
How can a single word Rach up healthcare bills, wage war And tie a noose? A Handful of letters leading To a mouthful of pills and A heart-full of pain.  
  If I could change one thing about today's society
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