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                         I hate Spanish, I already am bilingual                           Don't know why I am taking this class                         This woman always calls me out,and it gets me mad 
Across the scarlet horizon she stares, Her motivation gone, she no longer cares. Closer and closer to the edge she creeps, “He doesn’t love me. He doesn’t want me,” is all she speaks.
I say its clear that you don’t care whether i live or die to say you gave your all isn’t fair cause you didn’t even try Save me the tears
Yesterday was great, Full of fun and laughter And opening of the realistic eyes Meant to see beyond The fallacy of empty judgments.
Chemistry, man. Maybe it should be ban. Nah, I love that class. Its the most badass. Secretly, I'm a fan.
Roses are red, Violets aren't really blue, But that doesn't really matter, Because homework sucks, And so do you. I hate this class, I hate this pass, I can't even get up to take a piss.
Believe me when I say that I never like to complain But at the risk of staying sane allow me to dissect my brain And peel back the nerves to show you what I’m hiding 
He sits at his desk  night and day. He reads from the monitor  its boring I say.  He looks up  and with a monotone face  he opens his mouth  its sexist today.  I wish to put him away 
Hey you teacher standing in the front of the class room. You make me want to stand up and smack you with a dirty broom.
*Guitar Strums*Hola, mi Profesor tu enseñas es muy maloI come in every morning with a smile, and a buenos dias,But you rush in with your papeles and your maletín onto the floor,No mas! No more...
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