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I could not keep my eyes off the most fascinating girl on the dance floor. She was the queen of the homecoming and the centre of attraction of the ball. Her crown was glistening in the neon lights and she was glowing with joy.
dressed in blue I feel golden dancing with you my heart holden   high heeled shoes I feel beautiful dancing with you moments so meaningful   posed together
Oh no. That time of year. The dresses, and hot messes, its space-themed this year.  The team will lose, they always do. The DJ might be 82. Why do I go?
It's a great night for homecoming The weather's just right for pretty dresses A crescent moon hangs in the scene And some stars twinkle in the heavens  
tears, i'll not fucking shed a one, lock them away, pretend it's all good, pretend i'm not leaving a new home to return to the old.   i can't wait to see my family, sleep in my own bed,
Your Eyes
crowd cheering band playing football team tired I am waving my pom pom this is my school homecoming   bleachers filled  fans screaming cheerleaders cheering
It is an endless sea of dry, desolate desert Unimaginably hot, a blanket of sweat always present There are constant explosions, pops of sniper guns He's been in the middle of this hell for a year
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