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I’ve come to notice On the days we scream the loudest Our pleas have no ear to fall on Yet a whisper of success can be heard for miles   I’ve come to notice that there is no such thing as wasted tears
Golden sunlight beams down on The grass, turning it emerald. Leaves fall gently down, Making their slow descent to the damp ground   Autumn is coming- No, wait; it's already here.
You never noticed That you never saw him eat In all the months you've known him. You had no idea Whether she shaved her legs Because you never saw her in anything but sweats -
When you're little you won't notice. Perhaps, they won't even do anything for you to notice. You'll live your toddler days in sweet unknowing bliss. But that's only if you're lucky.
you never notice
Would you notice, that If I gave you my love , would you save your love for me ? Would you cherish the delicate strength or would you let it slip away into anyone's port?
Hear me— From this abyss, From this vast emptiness, From my nothingness, Hear me— From balconies, from hillsides, from mountaintops, I shout to you, When the world has closed their eyes
Girl I cant stop myself from thinking about you I cant even bring myself to talk to you its kinda hard to concentrate too your beautys so strong its got me sick with the flu I got sick from you
Times here on this planet Earth may be hard sometimes. I keep talking to myself in my head saying, "When will these problems end?". We keep thinking to ourselves, "If I just had this, I'd be happier".
            Will you ever notice me?             When I turn away from me?             Change my hair, my body, my animation?             Just to win your admiration.
You may see me as nothing more as child But I have grown and exprienced many things I will still experience alot but I am no mere child I am an 18 year old child I am a child who is legal
Every day, People suffer. They put on those fake smiles, pretending everything is alright.   But in reality, it's not,   Do we know that? They could be teased, maybe bullied.
Hello out there! Can you see me? My tears, my pain, Do you see me?   I'm over here! Can you hear me? My cries, my lies-- Suprise! Do you hear me?   I'm shaking here!
teacher sits at desk doesn't notice Jim crying why don't you notice  
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