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The Seattle Skyline at Half Past Three. It never meant that much to me. The Seattle Skyline at Six'till Four. I've never wanted so much more.
My heart was splattered blood red over drab stones gravestone inscription read: here lies the girl who lost her home Her heart and her friend
Heaven wafts through the house Smoked brisket, mac n' cheese, Mom's homemade cookies   Ava excitedly talks to me  About Achievement Hunter Those crazy guys are at it again  
Dear Washington, I miss you I haven’t seen you in 7 months It’s been too long   I miss your forests Lush and alive More green than any place I’ve ever seen   I miss your rain
I'm full of heartbreak.  Missing home, missing you, too.  Can't wait to return. 
All I need is them The two that call me their little girl Forever, Mom and Dad  
Kindergarten first day I was late, Doesn’t play well with others. First grade Mother’s Day, I can’t read, Maybe I should be held back, Second grade, JK— Rowling lit a light inside,
Home is a very obsure term   The building I once lived in  Is not home anymore The bed full of blankets And my favorite stuffed animal Is not home anymore The family that I love 
I walk alone, my feet thump on the paving stone. The winds chill breath, hastens me to the doors of death. The pump of my heart, so loud it gives me a start. A prickle on my neck makes me look back and check,
The moon tonight, over Little Bay Is a powdered pink color Floating just above the treetops Somehow, it does not reflect In the dark waters of Little Bay   I had never seen a pink moon:
i go to a place i haven't called home in years just as spring disappears around the corner (and gaze in the distance
Urban streets, bustling with life in bright afternoons, Become quiet and cool on cloudy days and early nights-- A barren wasteland without thrum of foot traffic And screams of emergency sirens.
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