Just for fun

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How high is my hight?How small do you want?one small inch... bonushow much is foot love?how much can you eat?endless foot sweat...
Late one night,   During finals week,   Matt decides   To get a bite to eat.   It’s two AM   Only shop in town
One more step, and I’ll fall Down Down Down   I’m just on the end of the precipice. About to go over.
Joy of life, Joy of living, Joy of seeing tomorrow. Joy of running, Joy of jumping, Joy of having freedom. Joy of pizza,
Always sweet and nice,  I am cotton candy.  Sugary and colorful  In my own world.  Soft and fluffy  To loved ones.  But if events take turns,  My mind is black licorice.  Feeling all so 
"Where are you going? Where have you been? Nighttime's dark but mornings grim Hurry where you're headed, forget all that you've seen The past is inescapeable, the future's just a dream"
How is one to commence a work of art? To infuse genius and creative thought? Simple for some, but I’m not that smart. The entire effort leaves me distraught.  So why subject myself to such a pain? Why thrust myself down that abysmal pit? At the bo
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