teen pressure

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I go through the day, And I don't know who I am. I don't know who I want to be.   I know what is accepted, What is expected.  I see what I should be. Images of what others want for me.  
They told her Not to cry- As if tears were anything more than A lifeless bit of memory- And sent her away. Eight years later, The sun still rose and Her heart still beat to the same
Right here I laid with unknown expectations, my mind was shield from brutality soon to be revealed In these moments of chaos, my purpose openly appealed, the awakening of inner birth so ready to be outwardly lived
Do this, do that I walk these halls wondering what will become of me Who am I and what was I meant for My peers look up to me, but say horrible things Put me on the outside of the so-called circle
Isn’t it the funniest thing of how we look at ourselves? When perfection isn’t perfection Pretty isn’t what we perceive as pretty It’s what every one else sees Everyone’s opinion seems to dominate our own.
Ugly. The mirror calls me Ugly, Ugly, Ugly. Beautiful, he says. So Beautiful. Tonight, Babe? Today? He says. No, I say. No. Pretty, he says. Just pretty.
It’s getting claustrophobic Between these four walls That try to kill me every day Because I won’t give in It never works, but I get paranoid Because everyone is watching Every single move I make
you broke me im not afraid no tears and cries, i am broken by you as u stomp me into no more, you broke me when i gave you my all me, you broke me when i agree with not plea to do as you please you broke me into a shatter of pieces can you repair
I am a teen They think it’s so easy We can do whatever we want No boundaries No rules No cares Easy does not begin to describe what we deal with Peer pressure School Social lives
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