believe in the future

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Seventeen in sixteen, I touch the tip of childhood letting the memories flow through and the future to stand still as I wait, puzzled at the crossroads of life.   Seventeen in sixteen.
There are many times I have wished to go back, to change the past. Should’ve said this, Should’ve done that. The list goes on and on… But this is not a movie, And I don’t have a time machine.  
Look around you. “What do you see that could possibly be good?”   In the police brutality We see the degradation of morality.
Imagine guidance forced into the veins of every tyrant; circulated in the breeze of each fan and inhaled like poisonous gas meant to exterminate, but instead would permeate the evil cells roaming the oasis of a corrupt leader’s brain.
Just the powerof one Just the power of many United by all we’ve become I seize the day   Just what we’ve always wanted Just what can never be reached The colors of life seem brighter
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