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Hiding in mundane scenes of normality, somebody's vacant kitchen feels like it could never feel like home to anyone, it's haunted by the living
Little blue eyes, looking up at me You gaze and I wonder what you'll be You're hand wrapped around my finger tight I promise to hold you through the darkest nights   Little blue eyes, so full of dreams
Only in a house filled with people may i feel homeless,i have no say, no way to get out but stay in..
Alas! What a troublesome sight this night is, Your silhouette on the wall I idolize, As you dance to and fro, mocking me so,
TEARS, rolled down our faces as we said bye to our mother ANGER, seethed from us as someone tried to replace her LIES, were poured into us that it could be fixed YEARS passed and we moved on and were reunited
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