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And all that i wished for, was to watch all the sunrises of my life with you. But you; You left before the sun rose, Before the people woke, Before our love bloomed.
The moon shines Spreading glittering rays Reflecting off of lakes Like broken shards of light   The air hangs heavy
I push away my problems like I push the smoke from my lungs ​ I'd do it for honor If only I had some   I see myself crumblin'
Tired of trying alone,
I want for you to tell Christ That his quick glass is almost up And the moon’s light Shall gleam (shine) on all of the four corners Residing idly in the room Where the devious shadows lay
Thing is,   The days she wakes up With dread for the mirror And nights crumble away With never-ending tears. Because she isn’t- Because she can’t be- Because she’ll never be-  
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