Heartbreaks and moving on

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Long Gone Maleek Mayers   Our love is in the past, I knew it would never last...   You fooled me with your alluring looks,
You are the ocean that drowned me, destroyed my views on love. You swept me up in huge waves, and buried me beneath the surface. I am drowning. Drowning in your sweet words, and small talk.
The phone rings, my heart grows wings. For a minute or two, I hope it's you. Realizing it's not, feels like I've been shot. You look at me, the only girl you see. So it seems,
I was heartbroken I was sad I lost two people very close to me in two months It was bad But it made me cherish the moments I have I see my family more than before
You walk down the hall with your heart beating your heart dreaming as you think of her she does not know it yet but you love her, love her with all you can
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