'bird' 'free' 'freedom' 'escape' 'change' 'hope' 'dream' 'nature' 'Desire' ' Inspire' 'Slam' 'inspiration' 'love'

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Welcome di I, when I see di I, I say hi? I notice di eyes, looking at di I Di, I just Wah fi reason wit di I I vibing high, feeling high
Sometimes we need a break Sometimes want to go, To the place where nobody there To the place where nobody knows,
Sitting by my window Absorbing the warmth Sundays are blessed in winters If the Sun's around Holding a book Deep in thoughts I think about the colors And pigments of all sorts
What a wait at the end have no fearJust take the drive you're already hereEmbrace nature's most humble decorPart ways to take every detourHead high for the sky for its blue
I hope the wind in your hair makes you always feel free. I hope the leaves in the trees tell you all that you need. I hope the waves push you forward so you don't sink in the sand, but if you start to fall back then just reach out your hand.
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