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Ancient Sodom and Gomorrah completely fell a long time ago. And any system that resembles Sodom and Gomorrah will completely fall. Sadly, nobody can prevent this calamity from happening.
People should feel free to make favourable or unfavourable comments on any subject matter, But when we have one-sided commenting on websites, we only hear unfavourable opinions.
Is it not true that you grew up in a community with many children of your age group? Your parents were the first persons who introduced you to verses from the Bible.
Broken Fantasy by Bruno Pardo   Once upon a time, what a lie! Once upon a time nothing happened Once upon a time you were fooled   Once upon a time, fantasy unleashed
Tainted Minds....It's amazing how blind we are to things that are right in our sight.
Chain me up and my actions follow the pattern Thinking freely becomes a problematic matter Breaking free from labels becomes unease Your self doubt is for the world to feed Our thoughts is for us to own and probe
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