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Let me say good night to the guests, family, and friends. . Winsome, this is how I truly feel about you. Your name signifies the kind of person that you are. .
Proud to see you striving for your goals and breaking barriers. Motivating displaying pure excellence by staying focus and driven.  Exceptional for never giving up despite the odds.
The day you met each other was a very special day 25 years ago you said marriage vows with cheery faces Your exemplary love was predestined to last forever And that is why you are still together until today
This is how we deal with things Red, blue, purple, green Splashes of paint against the canvas of life Leaving our marks in the world   Black   The color of tragedy and of growth
And there it is “Congratulations!” Written on the first line   Is that for me? Is that a false alarm? Am I needed for diversity?   I patiently waited for my real letter
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