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Dear Coffee, Mornings aren't the same without you, I always think of you, like a weird cue, You make me smile from ear to ear, nothing in this world tastes more dear, The warmth on my lips,
Cereal and MilkWho Made Cereal and Milk?A crunchy sugary delicious delectable nutriment ūüėčA crisp nacreous liquid refreshmentCombined to make a fulfilling collation
Lasagna Gooey, cheesy Cutting, eating, enjoying Bake it at 375¬įF ¬†
Food was always troublesome  I never had a favorite  My portions had to be smaller than theirs This body needed to be thinner   Food became a chore
If you live somewhere where you can't get ready cooked animal feetthere's no helping you!Not even chicken feet?Not even a potluck, at your chosen place of worship?I'd have said not even pig's feet
Ba ba Ba ba I yell to the Mama Ba ba  Ba ba My words just fall flat Ba ba  Ba ba Dinner is served, Mush is ate Ba ba Ba ba I find I can speak more Hello
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