religious trauma

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see how i glow in the light of glass gods divinity washing over filth.   my soul,my body a sin,an abomination- unsalvageable.    drown me in holy water purge the impurity,
I love myself I still think jesus hates me The forbidden fruit will always taste of blood Maybe I’ve just been so alive that I've forgotten I have open wounds
I hate myself I think jesus hates me too I’ve taken a bite of the forbidden fruit and it tastes like blood Maybe I’ve just been holding my tongue too long I’m a whore who turned her back on the church
Jesus of Nazareth they drink of your blood  In fears of what waits after sleep They flaunt ye about preaching fire and flood To rip out the life of humanity  
I think I always knew I was a little bit messed up in the head,   See with me being so quiet and all as a child   They’d look me in the eye  
Once, I played alone in my head, Not a worry in sight.   That was a distance memory, A dream I think back on while lying alone in the dark. What that really me?   That carefree little girl
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