'death' ' sadness'

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Pain clouds the mind for all actions are from the heart Emotions flooding at once tears you apart. They speak of his final hours Such a joyous soul ripped away as darkness cowers. Bang bang bang
Where is your soul? Buried black in Native earth. A hatchet and a poem, For victry’s sweat you cry.    You are brave.
Life is a wound that can't be healed we resist life's pain though fate is sealed We live humbly On our own lives Sadly...Death grabs all in due time I try to avoid death if I can
In their red and blackthe mourners are moving their bodiesto the sound of happy dirges.The men and women in cloth gyrate their waiststo the rhythm and melodies made for the occasion.Onlookers applaud with smiling facesWhile the others respond in c
Into the beauty  And the unknown,  Fear we always feel  When she comes  And dances around the fire  That lady in  Black, Like a free bird... In an August night And all men are taken 
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