letting go of pain.

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To the bird that found its way to me,  For me to see its beady black eyes That hide no emotion, and can't dare cry  Because that's only for the weak and broken.   
LETTING GO I’ve been through a lot lately. Most of it has been so big and painful. But today I’m letting go,
Fighting against the   pain of lingering loss,   while memories     still burns bright.   Reflecting beneath  the longing nightfall.  
As I turn my head, I see you. But as I start to walk the path of life, you start to become just another fuzz in life. I wish I could see you clearly
Will this madness ever subside, Really am not so sure. Many a times I've tried to relax, Only to whack the living room door.   Really need to get some sleep, What is it I need to do?
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