My Captain Scholarship Slam

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sweat beads down my face my stomach churns my brain a flurry trembling anxious depressed and nervous walking up all i could think about was his fist
The Love of Learning has paved my way my mother brushed my hair the hairbrush hung from a chain a weak attempt to not lose something in this house of Chaos six children spilling from the walls
The time creates a clock That ticks Ticks like the problems in my life That stick With you it scrubs away That’s it And my heart flicks on Like a switch You impacted my life
Last night she told me yellow is The color of her soul And I think she is right, because Lighting is art. That is what she taught me Along with: ice-cream Is okay to eat for breakfast,
The tide rises and falls, they say, Wiping the steps from the sand. Yet those powerful and sure will stay.  
Waves They power through thick and thin Have ups and downs Reaching the sand, then pulling back in You, you encouraged and pulled me back in A million times, a million chances You never left my side
To the woman who inspires me, You are worth more than you know. Your love and support have changed my life for the better. You have lifted me up, Even if that meant supressing yourself.
Dahlia, My Love You carry on through the rain While persevering through the shine No matter how the storm rages You manage to bloom each and every time
So many thoughts flood my mind  I look to the sky and ask God "one more time?"   I made it a habit to search for love, acceptance, and comfort in others  
Since I was a little girl,I asked myself,"Who do I look up to?"I believed the person I'd look up toWould be my teacher, Mrs. Garza:Mrs. Garza taught me everything I needed to know.
When my brain  leaks out my eyes. and I work so hard  my spirit dies When the end  seems so far and I lose sight of  what's around the bend I give up, give in,
I once had a dream I could fly. Soaring above the fields of green that swayed with the wind.
To the person that has inspired me throughout my life, just by being yourself your actions said more words than  I can say. Teaching me how to act like a student, a family member, 
Bravery takes courage.   Bravery is not given. I start out empty - empty of bravery. Bravery is not natural, especially for me.   I learn, learn from others, that bravery is good.
They want to see me, in what filter? I may never know. They want to know me. To what extent? Only God can show. Was I ever taught adulthood, if I was, could I show... my dreams, aspirations, things that I barely know.
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