2018 Poetry Slam Scholarship

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In a desolate bed I lie awake Remembering the good things Time did take Like memories and love and trust that broke Its crazy what things sorrow can provoke
Going to the theater for all the world to see People on the big screen who, for the first time, look like me Giving many kids a chance to connect with character’s identity
Lost, like a little kid who's wandered off only to turn around and find his parents are gone. He calls out their names, but his voice makes no sound, as strangers in caps and cloaks bustle around. 
Silence that shouts. Active calmness. Future that is bleak. Escape into reality. The one who will lead the way. You shall not walk alone.
Step into my line of sight As you read across these lines, Dive into the ocean of knowledge And learn life is neither black nor white. I've reached deep insights about human life,
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