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My mind is full of bittersweet memories, Memories of the first time I saw you, Memories of the sultry look in your eyes, Memories of the feeling you gave me The memories of you will never go away  
Remembrance dark, a shadows faceA name, my name,“Jason Grey,”That name,A bitter tasteRolling off my tongueWho is he?I just don’t know
For Curt.    His eyes were an offset blue, Identical to the unyielding forces of the tempestuous sea and the churning influence of the clouds. Or were they an unpolished silver,
Every dawn came red as if it were remembering the dead and once night came into view a new bride he would wed. However it wasn't wuite true on account of his head. Every dawn this young man, would forget what was said.
Surrounded by quiet chaos Walking pass people, unseen A reflection appears before me   Thick and thin at the same time Not short nor tall The hair, it seems, cascades down as rushing waves
Are you ready to be fooled? We break up, we make up and then everythings okay. But now? nothing is right. Where is the makeup part to our routine?
Sometimes I care so much it hurts So I hide behind indifference for anesthesia I'm running from my inner demons It’s easier to use my sins as temporary amnesia   I wear my Scarlett letter like a mask
Strange faces surround me. Filled with sorrow, concern, and fear. Did I know them? Who could they be? People linger I can’t help but leer.   I awoke in a different place.
Who you are means nothing to me.A knowledge bank is all I have, but no facescome to mind, no names, and no relationships.All I know about myself is the fear of opening up.I will open up.
The ghost of the past swept through the air whistling like the wind Screams fallowed, women, men, children, Tears filled the eyes of the depressed. What is it that ails us so?   Night sky filled with clouds
The days continue moving forward Flashes of light and people surround me. But who are they? His smile is warm and comforting, Nostalgic and loving. Who is he that I knew?
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