'feelings' 'personal'

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Looking in the mirror do you like what you see? Is it everything you hoped for, everything you dreamed?   Do you too often look back with regrets,
Instinctive emotional response before considered thought, experienced salutation by proprioception wrought. Whispers towards the required faith, when the gut feeling is the mate.
Compare your journey to no one else. You are countries and stories already. You are a million different words, a million different memories. You are forests and forest fires alike.
Terms and Conditions. Most people skip over this. The words, black against white, blur by in the rush of tapping fingers Rushing to get to something bigger 
I hate I hate how people can’t marry the ones they love I believe they could spend their lives with the one they choose “love” I hate how everyone misuses the internet I wish everyone would just talk face to face
At the age of 7 I learned how to ride a bike At the age of 7 I learned how to keep a secret and to not tell anyone At the age of 7  I learned about fractions  At the age of 7 
God Your Freedom   God Your Freedom,  has became my song that I sing too lifelong  I’ve learned so much  accepting your grace your patience and love  has put me back into place, 
The beat moves me; When I hear switching pitches and jumping beats, I have to move my feet.   I have to leap and jump, Flail my arms, Twist my hips; I have to dance.
Slowly my ghost creeps through the shadowsHe’s catching up to me.Slowly but surely my whole body is consumedNot by a fireBut by a shadow that will continue to bloomOr fester Inside my soul
Eighteen percent of high school teens have reported being abused in their relationships, Come college it turns to twenty   When I was seven, my police -officer Mother told me that no one could touch me without my consent.
Just because I'm smart, Doesn't mean I'm always right, Doesn't mean I'm a know it all, And Doesn't mean I can't be wrong. Just because I'm nice, Doesn't mean you can just mess with me,
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