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Words like death Remind me of life And your absence... you were once here A dark and stormy night With fierce winds
You promised this would last when we get olderNow I'm left wondering what i did to youI know life moves slowly onAnd I have not say in what you doI can't hold you back from your own plans
As a wise fool, I thought I had the world in the palm of my hand that it's all good and could touch each soul in my span. No longer a boy but still not a man  wanting to help others in any way I can.
The sunlight echoes across the room in waves. We said goodbye; they left down the callow way. Later, after fizzy breath and Valentine thoughts,
Dead or alive?  I'm not sure anymore I feel heartbeat But see no blood Breathing  But voices tell me I'm dead This is an illusion  Somebody wake me up I can't see I can't feel I long for the sharp pain and the red blood I remember the blood  dripp
Sprawling on the cold harsh floor Surrounded by broken glass Covered in cuts and bruises Weeping silently Wishing for someone Something To come save me He stands over me  Staring down at me with scorn He grabs my hair And drags me through the hous
It’s finally the day to come, blood mixing in, flows like a river through oceans of sin.   Long past the point
Allow me all you have Or allow me nothing at all  Tell me the feelings you have Or stay silent if you have none for me Lend me your heart Or keep it if you don’t want me to have it  Give me your hand
The sting The pain The tears All because of the blade Its my weakness My Enemy Its My key You think it hurts Nope! Its just a tiny sting. I say just one But one turns to two
The sting The pain The tears All because of the blade Its my weakness My Enemy Its My key You think it hurts Nope! Its just a tiny sting. I say just one But one turns to two
you say she is a mistake she is an angel  concieved in a bad way but a loving breathing angel her heart beats just like mine Her heart beat is keeping me alive her Heartbeat beats with mine
Hey there love I see above You're not on the healthiest tag Just know we love you We uncondiotionally support you You are loved Now, get off this tag and look at some puppies <3
Hey you You seem faded Way too jaded I heard that you've been wearing long sleves It's 80 degrees I don't want you to show me I  just need you to tell me Why?
If heaven has a mailbox I would write a letter and this is what I would say.
It sounds like silence like the ringing in my ears  Like the cries of pain and loneliness in the form of a song  It smells like nothing like the thing that everyone else can smell but you can’t 
It all began with a wrong call To a friend that was known for long He was like a star on a midnight sky And like a wind that I cannot tie You gave the green sign of likeness And I was high
Another time I thought to mention Another tragedy untold To lay behind my shadow's grieving To where the man lies with our cloak I seemingly wander through endless hallways, thick with burch
She wishes things would get better, But they never did. Depression increases, Those thoughts trapped, Never to leave her mind. She wasn't like the other girls, Happy, Popular,
 I'm Tired of caring for someone who doesn't care for me. I'm Tired of sharing my feelings and all i recieve is pain. I get on the game everyday always be feeling the same.Cause all my friends do is play the game.All i ever wanted was somebody to
Dear Ex Boyfriend,
Walking in a crowded room never feeling so alone you look and judge your comments are no worse than the rage within my mind don't you think I know I'm not the same? You don't think I don't know this game?
The coldness of the fresh red stream trickles down my thigh a sigh of relief; I can still feel numb; looking out, mute waiting desperately to be apart another stream; a sigh of relief an endless cycle 
Hey stranger, long time no see. I hope you still reconize me. I've been doing well..
I  love to smile, A s much as fish loves dry land M aking everyone else happy S inging with a mute voice 
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