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You shine in the abyss,  A beckoning brightness beaming  Forth with advice and encouragement.    You pull me aside after class  And softly, subtly, smilingly 
You claim I got no sense of mind but I can't tell you nothing, men are not owed an explanation when one is striving for horizons,   I've been reaching beyond rainbows somewhere out beyond the rain,
Raindrops pour and splash across her face They dance and he kisses with such elegant grace. Now this may seem like its from a movie scene But truthfully this is all just a dream There is no quirky cat and mouse chase
When I was younger, my father left home. They thought he had a heart made out of gold, But side by side the Lord and Devil hung in that chamber of his inner being. “Don’t spend your heart all in one place, mortal.
JImble gets aboard on the big fluffy puff, Snowy white as the clouds; As he flies high he yells "good-bye!" Because nobody else was aloud. Looking high towards the heavens, he trick-ley smiles,
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