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Dear last year,  I am sorry  I am sorry for the things I say about you I call you the worst, I spit on your image I carve out your memories as though they are wax I am widdling  To nothing. 
Dear Her, 
Dear “Home,” While there are many, your flaws complete you.  I love your flaws because they add to your value, rather than take away. But you are more than just a home. Your foundation, while cracked, supports me.
To an angel,   They say theres a difference between lust and love But its all the above that makes my mind and my heart crazy for you
Dear Sherry,  
Dear Mother, I'm sorry I am not the perfect one  The girl who you wished I could be  Unfortunately, I am just me But I would like to take the time to thank you For everything that you have done
To the curious individuals like myself, yearning to discover something new each day:   Elongated lines stretching in the palms of my hand augmenting like the roots leading to the stem of a plant
To the woman I strive to be,   I desire to be a woman of honor With character as pure as the freshest pigment. A woman whose integrity is like the simplest stroke of a brush, Straight and unwavering:
Dear friend, I know you miss this place I know you've forgotten what it holds, but let me tell you I was once told each star is a person's hope
Dear Mr. Right, There you were Sitting at my kitchen table We were talking about anything and everything Just like we always do
Dear Uncle Dave,   It's been awhile, I don’t know how I’ve been so brave, It feels like your absence has become so vile.  
Dear boy with bluer skies, Since you're the one who makes my heart race, I hope that my eyes weren't wrong, When I saw you behind the stair case, As I sang that old Spanish song,
Hey roommate,  
I truly wish But I wish a lot. I wish you would listen. I wish you could see how much How much I love you. But I wish a lot. I truly wish.
You will have to be brave That is the first thing I will tell you There is no one to be brave for you, and being you requires a lot of bravery Because you will be afraid
Dearest Self, How scary to look into that silver wall and see the shell of what you've become the deep creases and trenches in that young man's face don't reflect the man he knows he is 
Ode to the courage that lies within you The sadness in your eyes I see is undefeatable Your thinning rosy lips sewn shut  Not a word to be said,  but the sadness your eyes speak at first glance
They say love is easy but I know better I say love is hard and hurts because your heartsrings are tethered To someone else and as they move you follow but the pain when they rip out your heart is hard to swallow
Dear You, I feel I can’t describe you You might read this, too And my writing feels too frou-frou But my brain always feels like goo When there are thoughts of you  
Dear Anonymous, My armor was strong and unbreakable Walls piled high with an all-day guard Somehow you dodged my protection And found your way in and slowly but Surely my armor fell down around you and I
Seeing your letters after long day’s toil, like flowers with warm ethereal glow grounded solitarily in iced soil Comfort and warmth upon me they’d bestow I held your promise so close to my heart 
Dear Sad Girl, With the sad sad eyes,who pretends to be happy but inside wants to die. Here’s a note for you to read when your worries come like a stampede.
Dear Twin, You are my other half, my mirror image. You are my best friend and you mean everything to me. We are inseparable from birth and have a wonderful bond. We argue a lot, but that is what siblings do.
I wish I could know, Know how things have changed. Changed into you, You, my future self.   Self fulfilling, Fulfilling my dreams,
Dear Ethan,  When we met I have already held your body I have already kissed your lips You were once my Ava I loved you so much  I still took you as Ethan They weren't the same person
Dear Younger Me, It’s and Older You How I miss the days we played, all the fun things we used to do. Dear Younger Me, It’s and Older You The years are rough, it’s just not like the way it used too be.
You are art You are a masterpiece cut by the stars How could you ever believe that  You don’t own a place in my heart  To think you are anything less would be bazaar  You are Art You are a lovely rose 
Dear Jarrod,   Reflection.  I don't know if you realized what yesterday was. it would have been our 2 year anniversary.     We fought all the time.
Dear Benjamin James Fussel, Hey... How are you? I hope that you're well, wherever you are. Hey... I know... It's been a few years, though you've probably haven't aged.
Why don't you wanna get to know me? You left me when I needed you most. I don't know you at all but part of me does because you were there when I was a little girl, now I'm a teenager and your not here.
To: The Butterfly To Be Opened: When It Has Become an Autobiography   Dear Butterfly,   I have an image of the woman I hope to become I am not her yet
Jail ain't full of prisoners My mind is what's locked up If you don't shoot us on spot we just in handcuffs The crimes that weren't committed still gotta be paid for You know your target we know who you work for
 Dear Counselor, I don't see you often but you see, this mark on my arm stings. I.....I'm afraid to die but I can't resist the urge to peel my skin back and bleed out the pain.
There is a flower Its petals are elegant and they roll outward gloriously like Arms and they revel in the sun. This is May, however. This beautiful life will not be as ornamented  Come the bitter of October.
Dear Future Self,  I hope you're reading this from a better place. I hope you have joy in your heart and a smile on your face. As I write this letter to you, I am heavy with sadness. 
A precious little bundle in a pink and purple blanket she was cuddled A sweet little girl Your natural, fresh-water, gleaming pearl
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