Alone in Nature

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Snowfall. Dawn.   Today’s a new day; I woke up under a tree. I did not see it before, was used to being in cages   For the one in my company, I have nothing to bring,
It took five to make us I were here when i came to the world I were here when the world taught me how to be I were here when the world showed me what not to be  I were here , always in silence , just listening 
To that tree on the hill On that lonesome hill That saw me fight My spirit killed That saw me rise And roll through my free will  
M: The snow on the twin peaks is starting to melt. O: There is a hill so perfectly round, God must exist. U: Once you go into that valley, there's no coming out. N: A mountain and a half still stand, despite everything.
Lines composed during a walk from Highgate to Hampstead Heath  1991   It has been a day for wandering beneath this sky of early spring
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