'depression' 'Pain' 'sadness' 'despair 'lonely' 'teen' 'bully'

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                        ⒹⓄⓅⒶⓂⒾⓃⒺ   For I want the ideal numbness, I covet to live in a world watered down with dopamine.  An unconscious mind suffers better than a distraught one that waits for the right time. 
Tears fall down my face each day, their cruel words rattle in my head haunting my dreams.   No friends to help me, I'm all alone because I'm fat and ugly.
In love with the process, longing for growth. My mind beginnings to wonder upon what it's like situated at the thrown. Conceited with my own thoughts on why I'm still laying around at home.
You know, I have dreams where we're friends again. Dreams where you laugh at my jokes again. Dreams where we're the best of friends again, But you won't listen.  
The road is set. I must not fault. To live a pawn, or die a thought. Every day, tis all for naught. To change my fate is dead and rot.  
I'm living life as if a dying tree. I find myself corroding with the days. A rot inside that nobody can see.   My instincts are no longer trustworthy. Suppose that is why caring sometimes pays.
Dear YOU, I know you hear what they say about you, it is hard not to listen. Their words will not cut smooth like a knife through butter, but like a serrated edge through drywall.
There is one thing that keeps me going though. What I see. I see my future. It looks bright… but then dark.
Those hollow eyes They haunt me. The same eyes He looked at me with When I said yes.   Those hollow eyes
Sitting in my room in the dark waiting on the light fighting with the demons who want to cry who want to die and who want to lie to the angel that wants to save them from viewing that scary sight.The wings arrive and it's the light that hits my fa
Dear bully, What have I done wrong? Was it the way I dressed? My mom is poor and a single parent so I couldn't afford new clothes,
The children walk alone with nowhere to go on the very dangerous road that the darkness controls some walk others run but there still alone forever on the dark and scary road.
11:07 PM i am content. the smile on my face feels real. 12:47 AM the loneliness comes. this feeling is starting to get to me  2:37 AM
11:07 PM i am content. the smile on my face feels real. 12:47 AM the loneliness comes. this feeling is starting to get to me  2:37 AM
Anyone can see or feel when what seems like Luck makes it mark on your spiritYour spirit, open and often impure, sad to say.But mine, unlike most, remains humble
 I am hanging in the bathroomAt the biggest party of the fallI could stay right here or disappearAnd nobody'd even notice at all
Sad girls like me have no home and so we always sit alone sad girls like me don't get Second Chances because just like here up there we don't get second glasses
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