poems about self love

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  Down chiseled mountain cheek, embrace the torrents of tears Undammed by invisible monsters and irrational fears Upon panicked waking during the witching hour
When I speak it goes unheard but when I'm silent it speaks words I don't care about the actions you percieve but to me I'm more than an average chick I'm a powerful black queen
I am the shade of brown. No other color can top this beautiful “brown”. No other feeling can be given when it is worn. Worn with pride. Worn with confidence. Worn with a glow.
He can kiss your neck  hold your breast  and trace your curves  he can make a home out of your lips  and grip your body into his own  he can admire your hips  and dance with your legs 
I want to fall in love with myself so I can love you twice as much as I will myself.
Not fearless. Still brave. Dare to dream. Lovely. All of the things I so desire, and delight in. Conspiring against tragedy.Shakespeare wishes it was a comedy. Escaping from scapegoats, and illness blighting.
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