feelin' good

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Stress is a monster that consumes us, Breaking us down from the inside out, Acting like a pimple and its puss, Swelling with insecurity and self doubt.  
The other side of my own door, All with the rain's own sad downpour, Standing are two with both feet sore, Paitently wait forevermore.   The two remind me of a time, When the sunshine was so sublime,
What's a day without music? I would tell you if I could, I wake up with a tune to move to, And That's why I'm feelin' Good. A good hardy breakfast, I eat up like I know I should.
My name is Tan, I'm not a man, People think I am,  Man or not, people thought  I own a yacht, But I never said I did. My name is Tan, I have a plan, to be batman, 
Waking up I greet the day,  The sun hasn't come up yet and that's okay, I get ready knowing full well what I'm getting into,
Sunsets in the distance And a long drive ahead. Another excruciating day, Finally coming to an end. As my shoe hits the gas and I make my way home, One thing comes to my mind. Her.
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