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We see who we are, Daily,We move forward, internet,Technology . This is the way things seem to be,Functionality,Yet we are more than our daily lives,Genetically  Looks, build, hair, eyes,Physically,Behaviours, attitudes , Personality. Traits, beha
When I was broken I felt  no one understood me All alone in pieces I could never learn to be Then I discovered poems A way to provide release Letting my emotions show Finally brought me peace
This mischievous,Little fiend, creeps, under theseBranches, whilst robbingAn executed body,Of its diabolic soul
When the morning comes My heart is full of sorrow For I prayed that my eyes did not see a tomorrow Put me out of my misery I plead Do a young girl a good deed
You came running back to me, but it was too late. I picked myself up,  I ran to safety. You were the epitome of my hurt. I bled out my heart to you. And you left me empty, in the dark, alone.
My chest deepens as I think of what words to say. I can not speak. I am filled with fear, and it scratches at my surface like claws.
The wind blew her hair, Dried her wet tears, Healed her bruises, Treated her pain, Repaired her shattered heart, Enlighten her soul And Made her mind think deep to "Let go".....
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