old times

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Forget me not dear Like dying delphinium. May our blues entwine.
I sometimes wish I could still do All the romantic things I used to back in the day Sail away with the captors of my heart and start a new A life without the chains I once had
The ships have all sailed. the tide has gone out. left here alone; "come back safe!" you shout. but dark shores are decieving. and ships tend to sink. the money wasn't worth it.
This is for you, This is for the universe To remember   To remember what it's like to listen to the crazed baseball games over the radio.
Part 1: Time to work Times were tough And if you made money it was never enough Sometimes you did bad things Most times you did right
Sick and twisted we're all demented but before you get to opening that trapdoor you call a mouth tell me something, a little semanding, but why can't we all just sit around and enjoy ourselves?
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