deep memories

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Dear Ex-Best Friend,
I don't ache as much as I used to my bones are stronger and my soul is too memories don't suffocate me anymore I can think of what used to be and I'm still able to breathe.
When you're in love you glorify your lovers flaws. You're welcomed by cigarette smoke and and putting things off. You're delighted by what now repulses you.
The ghosts echo the sound of your name, God, why are you everywhere, you have destroyed me. I let you in, I loved you with every part of me that was still alive, why did you do this to me, why did you leave me for her.
Silent Ones   When the sky is dark, and the wind is cold, And the rain comes down, fold on fold,
Here's a list of my favorite types of smells I like the smell of BLEACH CLOROX CIGARETTES LEMON PLEDGE
The Mirror held a moving reflection without capture.   Vibrations in air that allowed ears to be full of rapture.   The sounds of her voice lying next to you.  
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