be a hero

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It's as if I'm looking through a keyhole, the two of them silhouetted against a future bright. One looms large, admired, fedora tilted over one eye. The other?  Innocence, unaware of flaws in his hero.
Once upon a time  My eyes were once again gazing at the sky  And as a bird flew by I recognized, or I thought it could be a sign  In the dark I was flooded with the memories of feeling cowardice and they were hurting me 
"Once upon a time" quite the phrase. Hearing it captivates children in a daze. But children forget that villains are people too. Their actions may even have jusifiable cause through and through.
a star shines bright in the dark night skies but when the morning sun rises it hides   a hero lends a helping hand to a needing man
 A wasted death,one I did not believe.  But Death alas, I had received.  The darkness came and did deceive,  A darkness devil, all conceived.  On troubled thoughts that I
Good and bad. Where is the line drawn. What differentiates the good from the bad. We all sin, make mistakes, and chose the wrong paths Yet we are still good. What crosses the line to make us bad?
A HeroIs someone who people Look up too, they depend On them. Heroes are Strong In muscle and heart.  
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