baby boy

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High temperatures drop to fifty degrees and a baby in a red onesie lay alone in his crib. The TV next to him blares too loudly, so nobody can hear him cry. An 18 year old mother got high and
One drink was all; in the beginning. Free, from a man across the bar. One kiss was all; in the beginning. Turning into an awkward morning at his place.
A beginning. New life, bright lights. Tiny fingers, tiny toes. A brand new life, a newfound cry, I hold you close. I watch you grow.   You are my flower, my favorite joy.
The first time I heard his cry, I cried with joy that he's here. Struggled a little, but took care of him without a fear. The first time I see him smile, I smile back. Seeing him cry in pain, my focus is in lack.
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