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The meaning I attach to the Queen mother's passing,
There are inside some men the nerve to hate. While some are born with nerve to tolerate. When did we come to have such separate minds?
Steaming, putrid, horrifying hatred- hatred being pushed as the norm- as if fighting others is a righteous thing. Let's avoid being drones. Let's keep our humanity intact.
“Mommy, what’s that noise?” I said. She paused the news and cocked her head. “Cheering—from New York!” In awe, We joined with glee the hissing RAWR!
A bullet costs less than a quarter A life is cut shorter   A bullet is made of lead  A life is dead   A bullet is fast A life's wound is vast   A bullet hits hard
Notice how the pieces on the board are cluttered— chess never looked so lively: pawns with shields move like knights while rooks move like bishops  
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