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You open the door and into the wild you go. All you can hear is noise, Noise mad by fans and announcers. Its a Thursday night and you came to eat all you can. I see a man approaching me in gray, yellow, and white.
Mornings Truthfully Told D.C. Gonzalez   If I told you truthfully what makes the tiles behind my lips show,
Cooking poetry and the words bubble over like soup frothy broth sweeping the sides of the pot
Forced against a sweltering stone; Bubbling, blistering, all alone, Heat cauterizing liquid bone.   Exhales trapped breath and withers in; Buttery smell soon to begin, stacked atop its bretheren. 
Burritos deliver satisfaction to my tummy The ones from Taco Bell are super yummy The tortillas made of flour I can eat them every hour  With your beans, rice, sour cream and cheese
That fuzzy feeling when he smiles at me The melting sensation of a Lindor Truffle The hugs my friends give me when I’m crying When I have to sneeze really bad, and then I do Zipping through the water in a kayak
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