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My friend wanted to hold you close to his chest, Get an i-spy camera snap you both in embrace. Yesterday he spoke to your father at a street corner, Told him he escorted your mother to work that morning.
Remember yesterday Remember the old days Remember what we used to say Remember the plays
Today I am so happy to be free  So happy I can follow my dreams  I see now what that meant by what I did yesterday would affect me today
The stars don't seem so far away,     when you remember yesterday. The way the moon shined,     and the feeling of a wish. The beams of light fluttering down,     a kiss.  
March again; Revive; Awaken!Build atop what has been taken,Find your mantra, young disciple:"Do not tarry; carry on." -
I guess we're stuck on yesterday Take it down and pack away
Words being said About a world were there's only success or failure
Tonight existed an icy one, nothing occurred truly stature absent; we clashed at the crowning of the peek witnessing for the yesterday's mantle without a real sense of direction.  
I just want to be an inspration To those with a dedication To become better then what they were yesterday only to realize that your most important days are the day you are born and the day you find out why
Today I'm writing a poem.
I want to go back yesterday
Esther May is old and grey She's gone forever Not here today In photos that are still and dead She'll still be seen But nothing's said Close by, but far, she seems so clear
Wasn’t it just yesterday that we laughed, and sang and danced? Wasn’t it just yesterday, dear brother, we ran around and pranced? Wasn’t it just yesterday, that our first sister was born?
Save the newborn eyes So that the mind grows astonished
Today stands still and Yesterday runs away…
They confide, we relate, we're alive, They escape. You can't hold on to what time already took in storage. Tomorrow's dream was to be different from today.
I stare off into space and let my mind wander. I think about everything and nothing... School, friends, enemies, life... Castles, princes, fairies... Dystopian society... Utopia...
Yesterday is gone my dear friend, it has already come to an end. With all its blunders and its tears, follies,defeats and other fears.   The endless tears you may have wept,
Awake at early morning Tiptoeing down the stairs Past the pictures wrapped in frames And gliding toward cold air
Dear Tomorrow,   I envy you. You're the talk of the town, Yet I fear you, and all the mystery you carry.   If I am a disaster, you are the hero. Everyone turns to you,
I intend to leave my footprints wherever I go Where I'm going only the heavens know I'm going to live my life,not fast, but slow Indulging in the hardships of becoming successful Walk in my shoes, my life is anything but a joke Travel from being h
Don’t hope for a tomorrow Better than all the ‘todays’ You have gotten Only when you realize that Today Is better than yesterday And tomorrow Is simply an echo of the future Will you find
Ah, Life. The Great Uniter, The Great Divider. So many burdens to bear, so many battles to fight, so many ways to fall. Are you strong enough to walk, powerful enough to run this race?
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