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Who are you to tell me, what I ought to be Who are you to tell me, what I can become   Who are to tell me to stop crying When you're the one whose screaming in distress   Who are you to go off in anger
Just imagine being told you’re half of the person you thought you were Because your therapist told you who you are Cause you fit the requirements you're mental, you're a psycho, you're crazy
It seems like everyone that come my way stops and asks me, Are you okay? You don't seem like yourself today.I want to say well I dont even know who i am anyways.
That girl who looks better with a smile No dark clouds on her shoulders Works hard to make a way Provides what she can..Naiv(E) Some should call her a little soldier Book smart yet shy
A Penguin can’t fly. The poor flightless bird, confined to the land and sea, with wings weighing it down: gravity. Me. The girl who dreams to be a penguin, yet fly,
N- not your average student O- on his journey to success A- always intelligent, astute and prudent H- heavily motivated to do his best J- just preparing for his future O- obtaining clues to a proud life
If you were to harm me, slice me open, I think that a knife would be useless.   Instead, rip up a thousand journals and use the edges, for nothing hurts more than a paper cut.  
Hello people tell you every now and then I am just another number in this world I am just another organism with the same thoughts fluttering in my head but who are you? are you just another person to judge my work?
In an operation, surgeons pull away the skin. Their patient is a stranger. Every organ, muscle, and bone is known to them. Doctors dig inside their patients physical walls,
Leaving others to take your place Oh how it feels to walk around bearing your face So these letters come, but what does it equal? Because I remember when I needed my father but you needed a needle
Everybody hides behind something. You may think you know everything about someone, but there's something in them, something you don't know.   I can bubble, I can giggle,
She goes around laughing, laughing without a care.  She surrounds herself with people,  everywhere you look. She's with someone. And that smile.  It's always there, never faltering. 
Every day she comes closer to finding who she is
I still don't know myself.
You ask so much of me. To explain who I am... It's close to impossible.   There's not just one thing that says "This is me." Many things define The one being I am.  
Who Are You Who are you to tell me, A person of my own being, Who I can or cannot be? I am a living person, With my own rights, Thoughts, and feelings. How dare you, someone
  Who are you?
  Who are you?
"Shush" "Shove your degree in something other than my face" "I'm defying you" "We all copied Rachel's problem set last night" "Your class is a joke" "How are you married"
Why can’t I just be ok? Why was I cursed with ability to feel too deeply? When I could just be oblivious. Why must I hurt too deeply? When others are just fine. How I wish to be shallow,
Doesnt matter if  you get a head start. The world's biggest dumbass was, at one point, smart. Look back at what you were. Now you're confused by your very own words. A slip up made you fall down. Can't climb back up. Sit there and drown.
Don't judge me for who I am! For what I believe or where I stand Don't Judge me for how I look! For there's more hidden inside this book Don't judge me for my friends! For their means define their own ends
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