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the skyline shows hopepeople exclaim, but i sayi can’t see the stars
Who am I? Who am I Who am I Will I ever know  who I was today or will I always be who I was tomorrow? The present is frivolous when it comes to presents of tommorow 
How to live   I mean survive                          in school.   1. Show up. Show up to the first day of the rest of your life. Show up to your future.
Who am I?” A question asked by othersTo get to know each other more. Instead, I ask this to myself Every night. “Who am I?” Oftenly asked by many.
  Who am I? By the time you are done reading I hope to teach not only YOU but ME something different about me When you look at me I hope you can see past my physical attributes  So you can focus on my inner beauty
I lay beneath the surface of artificial shell Living day to day life going through the motions  Waiting for you  to see  me Waiting for you  to hear me Waiting for you  to find  me
As time passes like a wave, I've learned more and more about myself. I've learned I am quite brave, I can forgive and forget without knowing. As I get older, its easier to behave. 
One Day… One day, I want to be a hero! One day, I want to be a villain! One day, I want to be someone! One day, I want to be…
There's nothing more beautiful than the curiosity in a child's eyes,  the way they glisten and light up inside,  like the evergreen trees lit up by the warm morning sunrise,  or the toss of a wave drifting on slowly by.
If you looked for my name on the front of a book, I don’t think you’d bat an eye, For my story would be just words on a page, All meaningless words floating by,  
I am. I am actions. I am desires. I am dreams. I am thoughts.   I am a fear of stairs.
Initially, this wasn’t exactly the reality of the story I imagined I would be strolling through. Madness intertwined in my balance,
And I must confess
I am. I can. I will be.   I am a contribution to the future. I can contribute my future for the lives of many. I will be there for the lives of many because of my future.
You ask me who am I I’m the expression of beauty seen only by few, the splattered paint people call art
Who am I? Do YOU know?
A Penguin can’t fly. The poor flightless bird, confined to the land and sea, with wings weighing it down: gravity. Me. The girl who dreams to be a penguin, yet fly,
  On Facebook or Instagram, I am a wife and mother of two(2).
Insomnia. The result of my overbearing thoughts of a past I can’t change, of a future I’m terribly unsure of. Most nights I barely sleep, some nights not at all. However, I suppose this is what comes of one whose thoughts consume their soul.
food sits dispassionate and untouched content with rejection white trash bags split at the bottom, wheezing for air no angel of death stole the breaths of a baby brother that floundered unnoticed in the periphery
i am short i wonder if i will become tall i hear that it is empowering towering over others
Who am I? Am I the mistakes I made, The wrong decisions I thought were once so cool?   Who am I? Am I a follower of the "in crowd," The coward afraid to speak against the popular kids?  
I wanted to kiss my name off your lips, Taking back my identity
I wouldn't be the flawless person I am today if life hadn't taken it's course.
Who am I ? I'm the guy that loves the ccolor blue
Thoughts provoke Thoughts previal Thoughts hope Thoughts fail Thoughts create Thoughts maim   Words are painful Words are kind Words transform Words divine
All my life I have been unwrapped My ribs glossy-exposed My lips made of glass They have told me to learn And I have taught myself to listen While ignoring what is important
I stand here to tell you of who I really am.
Who am I? Am I someone people dont want to see? The way i dress? Or maybe the way i speak?   Am I everyone's friend? The cool kids? Or maybe the well educated-kids?  
Who am I to hide behind a dark red curtan time after time? Who am I to act as if I really don't have anger fits? Who am I to just portray a happy person day by day? Who am I to smile bright
You smile at me like you know me. You have tried to understand me.
The True Me? The True Me is everchanging. When I try to find it, it morphs because I was not the same person I was finding it as I was when I found it. When I see her, few things remain the same:
FAILURE I am bold, I am strong I’ve been holding it back for too long I am funny yet wise The people that change for others are the people I despise
Black satin covers drapping over me I push away, but the Layers upon layers only suffocate me more   Deep trenches of black Blind opportunities to  Seek further in finding my footsteps   
The numbness is pervasive like smoke. It is fast moving silk. Sensual. Smooth. And I chase memories. Ones I'm not sure I'd like to catch.
Who am I behind the mask?  no one ever dares to ask.  I have two diferent maks that I hide behind, one for school where "I'm just fine" one when I'm alone that one scares me,
My feelings are those that a degree man has yet to discover: Uncover, write a report, and burn it with a torch because I choose to feel what they write down as unreal, as they conceal in their journal notes with question marks.
So you want to know the real me? The part I've never let anyone see? A girl resides inside my head, living but close to being dead. I keep her hidden, but she's not safe.
I am only a girl,a girl with a heartand a soul made of glass.   A girl who walks alone,keeping to herself.I am just a mysteryto the world passing by.  
Curtains have a vaery unique place in our world Their soul purpose is to block something To block something in particular out for everyone else to see
Who am I? Thats a good question. Am I the sum of my accomplishments? The weight of my dissapointments? Am I simply a girl among people, A leaf in the wind? Am I the things in my past?
Do you know the anguish of my soul? Do you hear my heart cry in the midnight hour? Take a razor to my scalp, Remove the bone, And pick through the crevices.
 Smile and wave, laugh at the jokes,  If only they knew it was all a hoax.  Perfect hair, Shiny nails,
What am I but a grain of sand in the ocean, going through life's daily motion? What am I but a single star, shining but in space too far? What am i but a snowflake, melting with the rest in life's lake.
  I tie the cape around my neck, and snap on my gloves like a surgeon, I am no doctor, but a physician of mirrors. “Climb into the box and hand me the saw”
Who am I?I'm the girl in the corner that keeps her quiet and to herself. I'm the girl that has the crush on that one cute popular guy in school.
I am a 17 year old 'big girl' who stares at the media and looks at what appears to be considered perfect.  I understand that not one person is perfect because it's the media that gives us this image an image with a label. 
Every day she comes closer to finding who she is
I’m the type of womanWho wants to be lovedYet, turns away the friendWho would surrender everything.I’m the type of woman 
Like a caged bird, I pretend to be happy I have to be the perfect daughter, friend, student and girl Like a caged bird, I am left alone No one seems to acknowledge the fact that I feel isolated from society
Who knows what lies across the border? That border which stands so tall, It keeps us locked inside ourselves. All of us. Both big and small. We cannot truly find ourselves until we cross the border.
I have not one, but two names One means, "who is like God" The other, a variation of a flower It also means unblemished, virginal You decide, you pick, it makes no difference
Am I invisible? Am I merely just thin air? Or am I a fool who has a fool inside my mind? A magician, a joker, a poker player, And everyone else. It is our job to have a different face for everyone we met.
Reality is real, it always comes true,
Who am I?  Who the hell am I?  Sitting here, angry  Sitting here, dark from the sun  Sitting here, kinky and rough  Feeling here, unwanted  Ugly  Untamed  Unloved  Burdened 
The pain of my unspoken mind The bitterness of my unspoken truth The chains of my exasperating fears The loss of my god forsaken youth   My heart lies beneath my honest intentions
I don't understand.
Take me to the next level, of joy and understanding Look at the beauty right in front of you, instead of sleeping silently.   They see me, but do they really look? Can they look past this book?
I am glue. I am born of mothers whose hope tosalvage deteriorating marriages, though strongcould not put their husbands’ nomadic hands at bay  
Scared hiding from the thing scaring me Scared of the loud sounds I hear Scared that tomorrow may never come Scared that life is to short for comfort Scared to be alone Scared that I haven't done enough
I wonder what the day will be like, I wonder who my eyes will see, The man who could've taught me to ride my bike, Who could've been there for me. I think about you daily,
Sometimes I feel as though there are more than one me. I’m not as crazy as I sound, trust me. Yes, I know that’s funny. Sometimes it seems as though there are two people living inside of me, both trying to break free and be the dominant one.
Who am I? It is the question of the ages. Am I who I was Yesterday and all the days before that? Am I who I happen to be Today? Is the sum of all of my Todays equal to my Tomorrow?
I have no body. No mind or thoughts. I am lost in this maze- I am broken, I am lost.   The irony is my way is gone, Here I wonder in miles, Around the gardens that are not nurtured,
My heart is a birdcage Hanging from a tree branch and Moving with the wind. You can look inside-but don't touch!It might fall and break.   Sometimes my heart is the bird inside
  Ms. Blanchard told us, A poem you should write in this format tonight. Don’t worry class, You’ll get it done fast. I am seventeen and I came from here. Yes, Georgia is where I am from.
I ask, Who am I? Forever I shall know not, Between wolds above and those beneath Eternal life and endless rot.   If all the stars in heaven Shone into my very soul, That which was illuminated
From where I’m from Summer fights with Winter And Spring cries over Fall
Am I like a star, That shines so bright at night; Or am I like a plane, That just takes off in sight.   I am like myself, In control of my own life; And I will always be like me, myself,
  Pain, Torment, Hurt, Sorrow, Emptiness Feelings I experience everyday There is no way to describe Let them wash away and happiness stay  
Adventurous/Timid Discreet/Rash Fearless/Shy Sincere/Flippant Earnest/Indifferent Skeptical/Believing Opinionated/Compromising Materialistic/Spiritual Rebellious/Obedient
You may not know who I am But I know who you are. I see you most of the time. I play your words in my ear Over and over till I get sick of it.   You are always on my mind,
I am the lonely and unhappy girl, who is always jotting down words. I am the girl who is wondering why she has a complicated life, the girl who is lost and wants to be found.
Am I you? Are you me? Are we the same? Or is that my imagination Where did you come from? I come from there to. Am I me? Are you, you?
I start as the girl I'm supposed to be Always nice and kind and happy With a boyfriend who cares, and a sister to run to Everyone says "your family truly loves you" No one can see the yells and screams
A pure divine to life, beautiful as a lotus that blooms from the dripples of water, and the rays from the sun. From the soil a seed was planted, deep in the womb The anatomy wept from agony and painless fear
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