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Honeysuckle blossoms whisper sweet lies while firefly pixies tipsy on nectar eavesdrop. Trnslucent orbs of dew cling to the petals of roses and blades of lush grass hoping to steal the reflection
Feeling silly as a goose
i want to hear about you running through the sprinklers at 3 am   about the joy of utter  stillness   i want to hear about your grandmother's laugh
Fifteen ways to die
The burger looks scrumptious and you want to buy that hat
She had a Janere cat with fat and iggly paws and every time he spoke, he flashed his great white jaws.
When I was your age, The sky was purple The geese were green and flew home for winter. When I was your age, The sun set blue and rose from the watery deep and vibrant maroon. When I was your age,
It will rain today. The pressure will rise, and the sun will be masked by the white & blue colors it creates when the cold & wet appear.   And all the girls in short and shirts that get cold will get cold
The scent of the juice of apples on her breath mixes (by 10pm) with the café cigarettes & coffee in her hair   And she told us that when she dreams, she goes to every country on Earth,
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