The United States of America

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Whispers throughout New York’s streets echo Of a mysterious being at a certain financial center; The origin of other harrowing beings that can barely be called people:
Living on campus is too dangerous these days As I have a fear of guns that will blaze As school shootings are not a phase   So I commute A thirty-five minute drive
Is this the land of the free?This is not true for all,Fortunately it has for me. Other people will agreeThat prejudice can make you bawl.Is this the land of the free? Banding together is the keyFamily does nat let you fall,Fortunately it has for m
If I cross my legs hard enough, will they not peek inwards? They say the president has crept between the locked doors of many different girls chambers. If I hold my breath long enough,
   As a white person, I know very little of oppression. I am not shot in the streets for no reason I am not taunted with that confederate flag I am not put in jail for the smallest infraction  
White hoods Confederate flags Burning crosses Callin’ us “fags” Vicious and violent Even if they can’t reach us. But we don’t stand a chance If those who could help don’t show up,
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