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  Amidst the ash and rubble heroes stop to cry, and pray for those who perished as Old Glory waves nearby.   What can we do to tell them how proud they make us feel
Tears make my eyes blurry The world is at war so I worry Carnage turns the street to a cemetery Everyday the news bears a sad story
You didn't vote for him? You're discriminating. No, Im not. I just find his views incriminating. You don't have a right to carry guns but my body guards do. Did you just call me a terrorist because i don't think like you?
Take me back to a place worth seeing, these bleeding rafters that hold mud ceilings, we cry out to hear an echoes embrace, for dreams laying hollow among this place, Bells ring among powder's stench,
The morning two towers fell from the skies,Still can’t walk outside without questionable eyesStaring at me through preconceived lenses;I fit their stereotype.
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